Top 5 Tips To Ace IGCSE Science Exams

29 Apr 2021

IGCSE Science

Are you planning to take IGCSE science exams this year or in the near future? Need to Ace in IGCSE science exams, but seems impossible? Then this is the article you have been looking for! The article features ultimate 5 tips you should know when revising for your IGCSE science exams.

1. Use Cue Cards

Using cue cards or flash cards is an extremely productive way of studying. Once you complete a lesson, get a pack of cue cards and make short notes on the most important sections of the lesson. You can also make them in a question and answer format. Write the question in one side and the answer on the other.

2.  Know What You Have Completed

Get a printed copy of your syllabus before you start revising for IGCSE science exams and tick or strike out a section as you complete it. This will ensure that you do not miss any important lessons. When you have strike out the entire syllabus, it will also boost confidence. Besides, if you couldn’t cover a particular section, you have a clear idea on what questions you should avoid in your IGCSE science exams.

3.  Mind Maps

Spider diagrams or mind maps can summarize an entire lesson onto an A4 sheet! Use your own creativity, colors, quotes and emojis that you feel will help you to remember a particular section when drawing mind maps. Have mind maps for each lesson and you can save a lot of time revising.

4. Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!

Practice makes perfect! There is no better way to practice for IGCSE science exams like practicing past years question papers. Try to create the atmosphere of the examination hall when practicing. Try at least to practice 10 years past question papers.

5.  Use Mnemonics

Jot down all the formulae and concepts you need for your IGCSE science exams on note cards and read them whenever you have free time. Have them handy in your pocket or bag, so that you can read them when waiting in queues or traveling.


Top 5 Tips To Ace IGCSE Science Exams

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Top 5 Tips To Ace IGCSE Science Exams


Overwhelmed by the concent in IGCSE Science? This article features 5 tips you should know when revising for your IGCSE science exams.


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