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What is IB Biology all about?

IB Biology is a two year course. It is to prepare students for university education. Students may choose to study Biology at the standard level or higher level.

IB Biology is the study of the natural world and all its the living things. It helps us to understand the connections between the different lifeforms and how they evolved.

Fulfilling biology requirements

In order to fulfill the requirements of the IB diploma, students have to take one subject in each of the six areas. They also choose to replace a subject in Group 6: The Arts with any one of the five areas.

-Group 1: Studies in language and literature

-Group 2: Language acquisition

-Group 3: Individuals and societies

-Group 4: Sciences

-Group 5: Mathematics

-Group 6: The Arts

Biology is one of the subjects under Group 4: Sciences.

These are the topics covered under both SL and HL IB Biology

1.Cell biology

2.Molecular biology



5.Evolution and biodiversity

6.Human physiology

HL Biology students have to cover these additional topics

7.Nucleic acids

8.Metabolism, cell respiration and photosynthesis

9.Plant biology

10.Genetics and evolution

11.Animal physiology

SL and HL students will choose one of the following option topics.


A.Neurobiology and behaviour

B.Biotechnology and bioinformatics

C.Ecology and conservation

D.Human physiology

Students studying IB Biology will be assessed internally and externally. The external examination is a written examination students have to take at the end of their IB course. The internal assessment is a Biology investigation where students have the opportunity to research design, perform and write up their own exploration. The internal assessment takes up 20% of their IB Biology grade

Why choose IB Super Biology Tuition program?

Structured Approach

IB Super’s Biology classes offer a structured approach to help students improve their understanding of Biology.

Students are given a set of comprehensive revision package which includes notes, past year IB questions and concept maps.

Tutors give constant feedback on students’ progress to help keep track of students’ learning. Students can be assured that their learning is on target and their goals are met.

Quality Teaching

Our teachers help students remember biology facts and explanations through our special memory techniques.

We also use animated diagrams and special graphics to make the learning of biology fun and easy. Our tutors have experience teaching IB programs and understand the IB curriculum well.

Encouraging Tutors

Our tutors inspire and motivate students to reach their potential. The IB Biology subject can be pretty stressful at times.

Our tutors use positive reinforcement to encourage students. Students feel more confident and self-assured after each class and perform better in school.

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