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Why study IB Physics?

Physics is the scientific study of matter and energy and how they interact with each other. It helps us to understand how things work, from cameras, light bulbs, black holes to the universe around us.

Most students would agree that physics is one of the most challenging Group 4 (Experimental Sciences) subject. Yet, we cannot deny the importance of physics. Students who have studied IB Physics have many career options open to them. They will be eligible to apply to most university engineering courses, dentistry, as well as computer science courses as IB Physics is a prerequisite for these courses.

Physics is a useful subject. It equips students with analytic skills. These skills are transferable and can be used to solve real life problem. Even if you do not choose to be a scientist in the end, the practical skills gained through planning experiments will also be greatly appreciated by future employers.

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What will students learn?
1.Measurements and uncertainties


3.Thermal physics


5.Electricity and magnetism

6.Circular motion and gravitation

7.Atomic, nuclear and particle physics

8.Energy production

Additional higher level

9.Wave phenomena


11.Electromagnetic induction

12.Quantum and nuclear physics

Option (Choice of one out of four)

A. Relativity

B. Engineering physics

C. Imaging

D. Astrophysics

The assessment structure of IB Physics is similar to other Group 4 subjects. Students need to complete an examination at the end of the course and also do an individual investigation. The investigation consists of a 6 to 12 pages write up.

Why choose IB Super IB Physics tutoring?
– Personalised Tutoring
At IB Super, we understand that each student is unique. There is no one size fits all Physics program. Learning should be personal and we offer customised programs to meet students’ requirements.

– Real world application
Students want to know how they can apply their knowledge to real world. Over at IB Super, we show students how the Physics concepts can be used to explain real world phenomena. From mini – demonstrations to simple experiments, students see how physics is found in our everyday lives.

– Step by step approach
Our tutors understand the learning challenges students face. Students are often overwhelmed by the content they have to learn and may know how to plan their revision. Our tutors provide a structured method to help students in their learning. Content is first broken down into ‘bite-sized chunks’. By using a step-by-step approach, students gain small successes before achieving mastery of the topic at the end.

–Committed tutors
Our tutors are caring and committed to help our students succeed. They instill confidence in students and make learning enjoyable.

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