What are the subjects offered in IB Mathematics?

The IB Mathematics syllabus has undergone a major revamp and will affect students taking these exams starting from 2021.
What has changed in IB Mathematics curriculum?

Increased number of subjects in IB Mathematics

In the old syllabus, students chose between three types of Mathematics: Mathematical studies Standard Level, Mathematics Standard Level, and Mathematics Higher Level.

Under the new syllabus, there are now four types of Mathematics subjects for students to choose from, IB Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (AA) – Standard Level and Higher Level, IB Applications and Interpretations (AI) – Standard Level and Higher Level.

IB Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (AA) Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL)

IB Analysis and Approaches (AA) Standard Level and Higher Level share similar content. IB Mathematics (AA) Standard Level is closely related to the old Mathematics SL, while IB Mathematics (AA) Standard Level is similar to the old Mathematics HL. In fact, IB AA Standard Level questions will appear in the Higher-Level exam papers. This is good news for Higher Level students as the standard level questions are relatively more straightforward, and they’ll have a better chance of scoring in these questions.

IB AA Higher Level Mathematics is designed for students with a high aptitude for algebra, proofs and calculus, as these topics constitute a large part of HL AA Mathematics.

Math AA SL Mathematics has a fair bit of algebra and calculus content, more so than IB Mathematics SL Applications and Interpretations. IB has made the difference between SL Math and HL math wider. The topic of vectors is taken out of SL AA Mathematics, making it less content-heavy than the old Mathematics SL.

IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretations (AI) Standard Level and Higher Level

IB Mathematics (AI) Standard Level

This subject is the former Mathematical Studies Standard Level but made more rigorous than before. Several new topics are added to the subject, such as Voronoi Diagrams, Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient, Binomial Distribution, and Math Modelling. On a positive note, there is also content that has been taken out – Logic, for example, is one of those topics.

IB Mathematics (AI) Higher Level

IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretations Higher Level is a new subject that schools do not offer.

Some of the questions in an IB AI Math SL exam paper can be found in IB AI Math HL exam paper offering Higher Level students a good chance at scoring well.

Mathematics AI HL, unlike Mathematics AA HL, has a more significant amount of statistics content. Some of the statistics content from the former IB Mathematics HL, such as Poisson Distribution, has been moved to IB Maths AI HL. Mathematics AI HL contains some calculus content but is less rigorous as compared to IB Mathematics AA HL.

Which subjects should students take to qualify for University?

Students planning to study Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics at University should take HL Mathematics AA. Some universities in the UK only accept HL Mathematics AA students in their Medicine and Economics courses.

However, HL Mathematics AA is not a prerequisite for students planning to take medicine economics in Singaporean universities such as NUS or NTU. They are only required to have taken IB Mathematics AA Standard level for these courses.

As for courses such as Law, Social Sciences, Psychology, Business, Architecture, Information Systems, Environmental Studies, Food Science, or Industrial Design, students just need to have taken Mathematics SL AA or Mathematics AI HL to qualify.

However, do note that since Mathematics SL AI is the least rigorous among all the subjects, students studying this subject may not be able to qualify for the courses mentioned above in some of the more competitive Universities.

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Excellent results

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Real Life Application

Most math teachers have heard students ask, “When will I ever use this?” in regards to their lessons. Students get frustrated with learning maths when they do not see the relevance of what they learn to real-life situations. At IB Super, we show them how mathematics is utilised and expressed in real-life. From classroom demonstrations to videos, individuals attending our classes can see for themselves how our society has progressed with the use of mathematics.

Students are required to do a Math Internal Assessment. The Math Internal Assessment takes up 20% of their IB grade and is a personal project they complete on any topic of their choice. By demonstrating how math is useful in our daily lives, they can use this knowledge to write a good personal engagement for their Math Internal Assessment.

Comprehensive Materials

Tutors have a vast bank of IB Maths questions for students to practice with. This includes past year IB exam questions and some of our own questions modelled after past year IB questions.

Students who join our tuition program in Singapore will have sufficient practice and be well-prepared for the IB exams at the end of 2 years.

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