• IB Biology Tuition

    IB Biology Tuition

    IB BIOLOGY TUITION IN SINGAPORE What is IB Biology all about? IB Biology is a two year course. It is to prepare students for university education. Students may choose to study Biology at the standard level or higher level. IB Biology is the study of the natural world and all its the living things. It helps […]

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  • H2 Math Tuition

    H2 Math Tuition

    JC A-Level Mathematics Tuition in Singapore Is preparing for your A levels stressing you out? Need guidance understanding the new mathematics syllabus? You might be aware that since 2016, JC1 pupils have been affected by the syllabus change and would have been the first batch taking the new syllabus 9758. All of our materials are based […]

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  • IGCSE Tutoring

    IGCSE Tutoring

    IGCSE TUITION FOR SINGAPORE STUDENTS The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary School) tutoring program is specially designed to help students excel in the Cambridge IGCSE examination. The Cambridge IGCSE international curriculum is a popular course taken by many students in Singapore as well as globally. Our learning specialists help students develop critical thinking skills through the use […]

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  • IB Maths Tuition

    IB Maths Tuition

    IB MATHEMATICS TUTITION IN SINGAPORE What are the subjects offered in IB Mathematics? The IB Mathematics syllabus has undergone a major revamp and will affect students taking IB Mathematics exams starting from 2021. What has changed in IB Mathematics curriculum? How is it different from the old syllabus? Increased number of subjects in IB Mathematics […]

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  • IB Economics Tuition

    IB Economics Tuition

    IB Economics Tuition Economics is the study of how individuals, firms, societies and government allocate scarce resources. It teaches us how to make informed decisions and make better choices with the limited resources we have. The IB Economics program aims to encourage students to be knowledgeable, inquiring, caring and compassionate, and to develop intercultural understanding, […]

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  • IB Physics Tuition

    IB Physics Tuition

    IB PHYSICS TUITION FOR SINGAPORE STUDENTS Why study IB Physics? Physics is the scientific study of matter and energy and how they interact with each other. It helps us to understand how things work, from cameras, light bulbs, black holes to the universe around us. Most students would agree that physics is one of the […]

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  • IB Chemistry

    IB Chemistry

    IB CHEMISTRY TUITION IN SINGAPORE Why study IB Chemistry? Chemistry is the science of matter and its transformations. Understanding principles in chemistry helps to explain the interactions of particles at the atomic level, and at a certain level provides a deeper understanding of these ‘building blocks of life’. At IB Super International Baccalaureate Chemistry Tuition, Singapore students […]

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  • A Maths Tuition

    A Maths Tuition

    Taking The O Level Examinations? Ace A Math With Tuition Classes The subject O Level Additional Mathematics, 4047 offered by the Singapore Cambridge Examinations Board focuses on four main areas, algebra, geometry and trigonometry, and calculus. This subject is said to be rigorous and demanding as it prepares students for A level H2 mathematics and […]

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