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JC A-Level Mathematics Tuition in Singapore

Preparing for your A levels stressing you out? Need guidance understanding the new syllabus? You might be aware that since 2016, JC1 pupils have been affected by the syllabus change and would have been the first batch taking the new syllabus 9758. Fortunately, our materials are based on the latest H2 Math Syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education Singapore. When JC A Level students attend our mathematics lessons, they will receive comprehensive notes with detailed explanations and question packs that have been revised according to the updated examination syllabuses. Our team of educators has years of experience under their belts – students can thus be assured that they will have ample revision in preparation for their H2 Maths exams in Singapore.

At IB Super, H2 Maths comes to life! Our tutors in Singapore apply math concepts to real-life situations to make learning fun and engaging. In today’s competitive market, students are expected to have strong mathematical solving skills. Our real-world maths investigations have helped them prepare for the new H2 math syllabus. In our classes, pupils will be exposed to tutoring questions that have a greater emphasis on the use of Maths in a real-life context. We use a unique problem-solving approach which has proven to be extremely effective in helping JC students excel.

Our H2 Maths (Singapore) Methodology

We use a simple 3 step approach to help students master JC A-level mathematics:

  1. Understand the question
  2. Identify the correct formula to be used
  3. Apply to the question.

We are certain that those who attend our H2 maths tuition will benefit from our simple 3 step maths approach and excel despite the competitive nature in Singapore schools.

Why Join IB Super for JC Maths Tuition?

At IB Super, certified and caring tutors are dedicated to ensuring every pupil is well-prepped and leave each JC Math tuition lesson confident of their ability to do mathematics. Our classes are small ensuring that students receive undivided attention. This together with our customised notes and question pack, should assure you that you will be provided with top-class H2 Math tuition at IB Super.

 Small class size

Our classes are small, and all pupils will be within view of their teachers. This ensures that each student receives attention from the tutor. No one will feel left out of any discussions or neglected. Tutors can thus provide tailored instruction to suit the needs of each student. No student is left behind during their tuition classes.

Summarised notes and question pack

Each student is given a pack of notes based on the latest JC A Level mathematics syllabus. These notes are concise, easy to understand and provide a good summary of the important concepts in H1 and H2 math in the Singapore syllabus. The tutoring notes are bundled with questions for students to practice.

Students are provided with monthly complimentary practice tests to help keep track of their progress. Feedback is provided at the end of each test to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses. Customised questions are given to help students focus on areas which they need to improve on.

Certified and Caring tutors

At IB Super, we hire only qualified tutors who have undergone our rigorous selection and training process. All our tutors are NIE trained or Top University graduates who have been trained intensively.

In addition, they care for each student’s well-being. They understand the pressure their students are constantly placed under and are well-versed in motivating them to progress comfortably. Not only do they teach, but they also inspire their students to learn. At IB Super, we believe that every student is a potential superstar, and our mission is to help each of them achieve their academic goals! We develop individualised curriculums and learning materials for every student based on their requirements and use interactive methodologies to ensure they stay engaged throughout the class. Our personalised approach helps foster deep understanding and critical thinking.

Moreover, based on careful observations during students’ JC math tuition classes, the tutor will communicate the child’s progress with parents regularly.

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With our certified tutors and practical curriculum, we’ll do our best to ensure each student achieves their academic goals. At IB Super, we keep our students engaged and encourage critical thinking for a deeper, and more lasting understanding of the curriculum. We employ a personalised approach to the teaching of each student that will bring out the learning superstar hidden within.

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Yes, there are differences between H1 and H2 Maths. 

For instance, the components of H1 Math and H2 Math differ in that H2 Math consists of two papers, while H1 Math has one. While H2 maths is considerably more difficult, a dedicated H2 Math tutor can help. If you need more time, you can utilise online H2 Math online tuition or online A level Maths tuition to catch up.

Additionally, there are more options for university courses if you decide to pursue H2 Maths in JC. Students must complete H2 Mathematics to enrol in computer science or engineering courses. Hence, you may require A level Math tuition for that in Singapore.

H2 Maths emphasises complex mathematics and topics in pure mathematics, including vectors, series, and complex numbers. A level Maths tutor can bridge the gap in understanding. Finally, H1 Mathematics teaches students to use fundamental statistical methods to analyse data.

The possibility of taking H2 Maths without A Maths depends on the Junior College you attend. Students without an A maths background may enrol in H2 mathematics at some JCs, but they must first complete a bridge course in Singapore. JC Maths tuition is crucial to helping you prepare for this course since H2 maths is far more complex than A maths, and many concepts in A maths contain the understanding needed for H2 mathematics, such as Calculus, trigonometry, surds, indices, and logarithms.

H2 Maths provides the much-needed groundwork for students who wish to pursue careers in engineering, science, architecture, economics or technology-related sectors. Furthermore, taking H2 Maths is recommended over studying H1 Maths within the scientific sector, even though institutions do not expressly state that it is a subject prerequisite for some courses, which is why JC H2 Math tuition is recommended for those with a particular goal in mind.

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