Studying in JC? Here’s How A Level Math Tuition Can Help You

29 Apr 2021

It is not uncommon to see JC students taking the A Level examinations flock to maths tuition centres for programmes and classes throughout the academic year. The prevalence of tuition is due to the competitive climate in Singapore. Doing well academically is how students can get ahead and secure good career opportunities. Furthermore, the A Level examinations come with high stakes – often determining the  universities students can get into. Hence, students often take up private tuition to keep up with their peers.

In a 2015 survey conducted by the Straits Times, Mathematics is the most popular tuition subject among Singaporean students. Compared to other subjects like Biology, Chemistry or Economics, Math is often the subject that many students tend to struggle in. Math gets increasingly challenging, especially at the O and A levels. As Mathematical concepts often get more abstract at higher levels, students undertaking the O and A Level examinations have difficulty understanding these ideas on their own. Keeping up with their class is often a challenge. Hence many students today often turn to tuition teachers for help. Math tuition can help boost students’ confidence and help students learn in a structured manner. At IB Super, we provide H2 A level and O level A Maths tuition. Our professional tutors are experienced in teaching the other subjects beyond Math as well.

We at IB Super understand the importance of having scheduled and focused time to work on topics that you are fundamentally weak in. Hence, our tuition classes are designed with your needs in mind. Whether you are looking to improve your grades or need additional help on difficult concepts, we will have a suitable class to cater to your requirements. From O to A Level Math tuition classes – we can help you get back on track for your examinations.

Our team of tutoring specialists come equipped with years of experience under their belts. At IB Super, we are committed to helping our students, both JC and O Level, to discover the areas of weakness that they have and effectively targeting these areas in our A Level Math tuition classes.

We offer a targeted approach when it comes to improving grades and helping our students achieve the results they want. We first identify areas of weakness for students. This is followed by focusing on the areas that students require improvement on. In addition to providing mock examination papers to assess their progress, we also customise our materials to cater to different  learning styles. Some students prefer a much more visual approach, while others are kinesthetic learners. Rest assured that our maths tuition programmes are designed with a variety of visual, spatial and kinesthetic learning tools to accommodate each and every student.

H2 A Level Maths Tuition

As there was a major revamp of the syllabus recently, we revised our H2 A Level Maths Tuition notes, papers, and guide books to accommodate these changes. Our focus on an individualised curriculum as well as interactive teaching have proven to be effective in providing a deeper understanding of the different maths topics over time.


O Level A Maths Tuition


Taking O Level A Maths examinations in the coming year? A Maths at the O Level can be challenging and rigorous. However, it serves as a good foundation for those planning to pursue A Maths in their tertiary education.

Excelling in the subject is not impossible and doing so can equip students for a myriad of courses in tertiary education where A Maths is often a prerequisite. Our O Level A Maths tuition is a comprehensive program  with a full set of notes with a summary of key concepts and complete answer guides. Students can rely on the resources provided as additional revision material in preparation for the examinations.



Not only do our tutors review the content, they also help students develop critical thinking skills in our students. Doing past year papers alone will not help improve grades. Besides practising past year papers, students also need to master critical thinking skills and the right answering techniques so that they can solve a variety of questions.

The O Level and JC A Level examinations are targeted to test students’ abilities in being able to critically evaluate and solve tricky Maths problems. At IB Super, we help students hone their thinking processes in a systematic and logical manner so that they are able to manage any challenging problems that come their way in future examinations. To set up a discussion, you may leave your contact details in our online form here. Interested students and parents may also take a look at our testimonials.

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