IB Biology exam and 6 tips to scoring a 7

29 Apr 2021

IB Biology is a popular subject choice . This subject is taken by many students. In this article, we will list out 6 tips that you can use to excel in your IB exams

1. Understand the IB Biology command terms.

Command terms allow students know what is expected in their answers. For example Objective 1 command terms such as define, list, label and state ask for recall of material that was taught. Describe, distinguish and identify are examples of Objective 2 terms that require students to interpret the material and demonstrate if they have fully grasped the concepts.

Objective 3 command terms include words like comment, analyse and compare. Questions which contain these terms usually require application of the learned material to new situations. Answers will need more depth and involve higher order thinking skills.

IB Biology

2. Define all biology terms.

When writing answers to short answer and extended response questions, first define all biology terms found in the question. Secondly, do not include too many ideas in one sentence. Separate different ideas into different sentences.

3. Beware of biology terms that look similar but are different.

Examples include nucleus and nucleolus. Make sure you spell each term correctly.

4. Focus on the marks for each question.

That gives you an idea the number of points required in your answer.

5. Write all your answers in the boxes provided.

IB marking guide states that answers written outside the box may not be marked, and you don’t want your effort to go to waste.

6. Take note of these pointers when drawing diagrams

When drawing diagrams, make sure

– They are not too small, but large enough to be read.

– All labels are clearly written.

– There are no gaps when drawing closed shapes

– You write in black ink and draw using black pencils. Avoid using highlighters or coloured pencils. Some papers are marked electronically and coloured pencils and highlighters may block out the answers. Note that diagrams drawn outside the box provided will not be marked.

-Ensure that the proportions of the shapes are correct. For example, when drawing the diagram for the human heart; the left ventricle has to be thicker than the right ventricle.

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