5 Ways to Excel in IB Math Exam

15 Apr 2021

Know the command terms well

Command terms are phrases in the IB Math exams which tell you what is required by a question.

For example:

Write down:  implies that no working is needed. Only the final answers are required.

Find: implies that working needs to provided together with the answer.

Show that: is used when the examiner wants you a list the steps or working to obtain the final answer. Please note that using the given answer and working backwards will not earn you any marks.

Familiarize yourself with the information booklet

The information booklet serves to relieve the stress off students having to memorize the formulae. However, students should know the information in the booklet well and be able to search for any formula expeditiously.

Manage your time well in the exams


Time management is an important skill to have. As a general rule of thumb, allocate more time to questions with higher marks assigned.

Revise basic Mathematical knowledge

Basic understanding of Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry is essential for acing the IB exams. You can find the detailed list of topics in the IB Math Study Guide. As it is assumed that you already possess good understanding of these topics, before you embark on the IB Math program, do brush up your understanding of these topics to ace the exams.

Practise, Practise, Practise

Lastly, there is no short cut to excelling in the IB Math exams except through sheer hard work. Make sure you practise the past year exam papers regularly.

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5 Ways to Excel in IB Math Exam


Acing the IB Math exam is not as difficult as it seems, I now present 5 easy tips to help you score in your exams!


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