Changes to the IB Mathematics SL curriculum for first examinations in 2014

15 Apr 2021

There has been recent changes to the Mathematics SL curriculum. Here is a summary of the changes

– Binomial Theorem

Students need to know how to obtain \left ( \frac{n}{r} \right ) by using the formula \left ( \frac{n}{r} \right )=\frac{n!}{r!(n-r)!} and through the GDC

– Matrices

Some good news! This topic has been removed.

– Functions and Equations

Further applications of their daily uses

– Statistics and Probability

All statistical tables have been removed. Students will need to use the GDC to determine statistical values. Regression analysis and Linear correlation of bivariate data, variance of binomial distribution will be included.

– Trigonometry

Students need to know exact values of trigonometric ratios of 0,\frac{\pi }{6},\frac{\pi }{4},\frac{\pi }{3},\frac{\pi }{2} and their multiples.

– Calculus

Integration by inspection, or substitution will be included

– Internal Assessment

This will be the first year which students will be doing exploration instead of a portfolio task.

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