The Many Advantages Of Undertaking An IB Diploma

05 Sep 2022

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (more commonly referred to as IB or IBDP) is among the top educational programmes offered in countless schools worldwide, with a reputation for excellence among students, parents, and educators. However, this reputation transcends just perception; the facts point out that IB’s rigorous curriculum provides learners with the life skills necessary to excel outside of the classroom and well into their later years.

The IB Programme allows students to be competitive and remain on a level playing field with other students globally by exposing them to various experiences and studies that are not solely academic, an approach crucial to helping students become well-rounded individuals with a thirst for greater knowledge. Below, we outline the many advantages of opting for IB instead of other age-equivalent curricula.

1. Academic Rigour

Strong academic performance is naturally a vital component that competitive colleges seek among applicants, generally represented via GPA, class rank, and transcript. But since high schools vary from one another, universities can’t always be certain what a particular student’s grade means compared to the others.

World-renowned programmes like IBDP, which provides only one curriculum globally, help colleges better evaluate applicants and allow admissions officers to more accurately evaluate your performance. With its rigorous structure, getting good grades in IB exams and earning your IB diploma indicates that you’re an excellent student. This also means that no matter which higher education institution you go to next, they will recognise and positively view the effort you put into your diploma.

2. Higher chances of top-level university admission

The IBDP encourages students to develop the necessary ‘success skills’ to perform at the university level. The top universities around the world prefer students that are not just knowledgeable about the facts and figures but who are also well-rounded young adults that excel at critical thinking regarding major issues we face today. Student applications with an IB Diploma display their adaptability, capacity to study in a wide range of scenarios, and grit to push themselves to go the extra mile. All these qualities help to propel them to the forefront of university applications.

3. Independent thinking

The prominent features of an IB classroom are its two-way communication and discussions between students and their teachers. Speaking up is encouraged, allowing each student to voice their opinions. This teaching methodology produces confident students capable of thinking for themselves, developing their own perspectives, and being willing to listen to others and broaden their horizons.

4. Experiential learning

An important core of the IB Diploma is CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) which prompts students to learn through experience and act in the service of other people. Students pursue individual interests and skills through clubs, projects, community service, and various co-curricular activities to become motivated, well-rounded, and engaged individuals.

5. Global citizenship

As mentioned previously, the IBDP is internationally recognised. It is also offered by around 150 countries worldwide and recognised by many higher education institutions from nearly 90 countries, including prestigious US universities like Stanford, Yale, and Harvard. Therefore, the IB curriculum ensures students become culturally aware and outward-facing throughout their studies and develop into well-prepared global citizens.

6. Risk Takers

IB students are trained to be fearless when approaching uncertainties. Becoming independent, exploring new ideas and strategies, and being expressive enough to defend their beliefs is par for the course throughout their learning journey. As such, IB students are regarded as “more authentically educated”, which many schools prefer.


Pursuing an IB Diploma paves the way to countless opportunities for students, and with the benefits mentioned above, IB is certainly a pedagogy aimed at outstanding academic success. If you need help in your IB journey, don’t hesitate to contact us at IB Super today. Our years of experience combined with well-trained and knowledgeable educators guarantee you learn faster and more efficiently than your peers. To learn more about our IB tuition centre in Singapore, contact our team anytime for inquiries.

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