The 5 Best Practices To Help You Succeed In IB Biology

24 Jan 2024

As one of the six core subject groups in the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, IB Biology offers students an extensive understanding of biological theories and concepts as well as practical skills that are vital to pursuing a wide variety of careers in areas like biotechnology, medicine, and environmental science. For this reason, many students wish to succeed in their study of IB Biology.

However, scoring a 7 in IB Biology is no easy feat, especially since this subject is known for its complicated test structure and for requiring comprehensive understanding. That said, with the right study techniques and strategies, overcoming these difficulties and excelling in a complex subject like biology is possible.

In this article, we will share some of the most effective practices that will surely help you succeed in IB Biology.

1. Practise active learning

Biology is a subject that demands plenty of memorisation, and simply reading and re-reading your notes may not be the best way to ensure memory retention. To retain all the concepts and theories you learn in your IB Biology class, try to engage actively with the material by making summaries, creating flashcards, and testing your knowledge with practice questions. You can remember all your biology lessons more effectively through active learning.

2. Utilise different resources

Most of your lessons can be found in your textbooks and class notes. However, in addition to these materials, you should also utilise a variety of resources, such as study guides, past papers, and online tutorial videos to supplement your learning. By not sticking to a resource or two, you can expand your knowledge, gain a deeper understanding of the different concepts in biology, and prepare better for the exams.

3. Revisit past papers

Revisiting and practising past papers is another effective way to prepare for your IB Biology exams. Going over your previous papers will help you become familiar with the types of questions asked and the entire test structure. In addition, it will help you identify certain areas where you need to improve and provide you with an opportunity to refine your knowledge and skills. By constantly revisiting your papers, you will find it a lot easier to score a 7 in IB Biology.

4. Use diagrams

Biology exams usually contain long questions, and when it comes to answering these kinds of questions, diagrams can be a very helpful aid. Make use of diagrams to help you visualise complicated processes like the Krebs cycle. Creating a diagram while answering a question can assist you in structuring your response and improving your memory. Even if you do not receive marks for the diagram, drawing one can help you organise your thoughts and enhance your written answer.

5. Seek help when needed

If you are struggling with a specific concept or topic, do not be afraid to ask your teacher or fellow students for help. They can provide you with relevant explanations and insights that can help you gain a better understanding of the material. To further help you understand IB Biology, it is highly recommended that you look for an effective tutor. There are plenty of IB online tuition classes you can sign up for to guide you in your biology study. 


IB Biology is an extensive and rigorous course specifically designed to help students develop their understanding of the natural world and nurture a strong foundation in physics. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that many students struggle with this subject. Nonetheless, with impeccable study habits, such as practising active learning, utilising different resources, revisiting past papers, using diagrams, and seeking help from others, you will certainly find it a lot easier to succeed in IB Biology.

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