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Taking The O Level Examinations? Ace A Math With Tuition Classes

The subject O Level Additional Mathematics, 4047 offered by the Singapore Cambridge Examinations Board focuses on four main areas, algebra, geometry and trigonometry, and calculus. This subject is said to be rigorous and demanding as it prepares students for A level H2 mathematics and many other pre-university courses. With pupils having to study these broad ranges of pre-tertiary topics in addition to other O level subjects, many A Math pupils turn to tuition classes for extra guidance and assurance. Additional Mathematics aims to have O level students innately connect ideas between math and science by applying the skills they learned when studying the subject. With A math tuition classes, this ability is further enhanced.

Many students inevitably feel that the study of Additional Mathematics is rigorous and challenging. As mentioned, it is a practical subject that helps students in their tertiary education. The study of O level Additional Mathematics opens doors to many future jobs and academic opportunities. O level A Math teaches students to think rationally and logically, this mindset can be transferred to other areas and help students excel in their careers. At IB Super, we aim to increase these academic success rates and opportunities presented to pupils who attend our tuition classes.

What will O level Students Learn During A Math Tuition lessons?

Every O level student will be taught the following sub-topics when studying A Math whether it be in school or tuition lessons at IB Super:

  1. Algebra

A1 Equations and inequalities

A2 Indices and surds

A3 Polynomials and Partial Fractions

A4 Binomial Expansions

A5 Power, Exponential, Logarithmic, and Modulus functions

  1. Geometry and Trigonometry

G1 Trigonometric functions, identities and equations

G2 Coordinate geometry in two dimensions

G3 Proofs in plane geometry

  1. Calculus

C1 Differentiation and Integration

Why attend O Level Additional Math Tuition at IB Super?

At IB Super, all our O level A Math pupils will receive a wide range of resources to aid with their understanding of each topic covered in their tuition classes. Our tutors will not only teach our pupils problem-solving skills but will also ensure that every student has a meaningful learning experience. With this, IB Super student who attends our O level A math tuition lessons will overcome their fears of exams and ace them.

–Comprehensive Materials

Our materials are based on the latest Additional Mathematics Syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. Each set of materials comes with comprehensive notes on key concepts, worked examples and practice questions. We have a huge resource of challenging questions to help O level students deepen their learning and understand all A Math topics better after every tuition session.

–Meaningful learning

More often than not, O level students are taught the rote learning method of learning by just being told to memorise the formula. They go through their A math education without knowing how the formula came about and how they are derived. At IB Super, we believe that learning should be meaningful.

During their tuition classes, we show our pupils how the mathematical proofs are determined as well as applications of Mathematics to real life. This helps mathematical ideas to stick in pupils’ minds and remembering mathematical formula becomes a breeze. Students appreciate mathematical ideas better and overcome their dislike for the subject. They become happier and more confident in their math classes.

–Problem solving skills

Many O level A Math students struggle with challenging questions. They often blank out, not knowing what to do with the mathematical problems at hand. During their tuition classes, our tutors teach students problem-solving strategies and techniques to help them excel in Additional Math.

We use a step-by-step approach to aid students in investigating problems. This approach helps students systematically develop their thinking processes. We believe this is the best way for O level students to make progress in solving A Maths questions and not give up completely with the guidance they receive while attending our tuition lessons.

If you have any questions about the O Level A Math tuition classes we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by filling out an online enquiry form below or call us at +6598198928


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