How To Study For IB Math AA SL Exams If You’re Short On Time

11 Oct 2023

The IB Math AA SL Exams and the curriculum behind them can be highly rigorous for students. This can lead to immense stress when the big day comes, and it is very common to feel pressed for time to revise!

Given the need to become proficient in many concepts and apply them correctly, it can be very difficult to try and ensure all bases are covered. While the benefits of attending IB online tuition in Singapore can help, developing a more focused and specialised strategy is necessary before your exams.

With that, here are some useful tips and tricks to help make that last revision prove fruitful.

Focus on topics that appear most frequently

Due to IB Mathematics comprising five strands, refer to past year papers and categorise the questions into these five strands. Rank them by their weightage and the amount of marks out of the total allocated to better understand what to focus on during your pre-exam preparations.

For example, the 2021 IB MASL Paper for Timezone 1 saw Calculus carrying the greatest weightage, followed by Statistics and Probability, and finally Numbers and Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry tying for third.

Planning your revision to focus on mark weightage and trends can prove more efficient and effective due to the reallocation of precious time and energy to topics proven to hold high weightage across the papers.

Take note of the syllabus revamp

Having undergone big changes with the first batch of students having sat for exams under the new syllabus in 2021, take some time to take note of these changes.

Try out past exam papers from 2021 onwards and see how well you do! For those looking to make use of assessment books and mock exam papers, do ensure that they are designed with the new syllabus in mind for a more accurate assessment of your abilities.

Write down important formulae

Do flip through your textbooks and write down important formulae into note cards for easy and accessible revision anytime, anywhere.

Not all mathematics formulas can be found in the provided formula booklet! Save yourself from scrambling to remember relevant formulae you may not have paid attention to with the use of note cards.


Focusing your strategy and dismantling how topics are structured and weighted is a great way to manage your limited time efficiently. Such techniques can also allow you to turn up for the exams fresher and more well-rested as compared to “mugging” it out!

IB Mathematics also requires a strong foundation in key concepts and sufficient practice to excel, alongside regular and effective revision. It is this combination of continuous learning and disciplined study habits that guarantee good scores in your exams.

For those interested in improving their grades, IB Super offers a wide range of classes, from face-to-face group and individual IB subject classes to online A-level maths tuition. With well-trained and experienced educators, IB Super can ensure a strong mathematical foundation and tailor our teaching style to suit individual needs.

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