How Online Tuition Can Help You Improve Your IB Grades

04 Jul 2023

The IB programme is as enriching as it is demanding, with a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on deeply understanding concepts, skill development, and practical problem-solving applications.

Keeping up with the syllabus is understandably challenging. Hence, it helps to get organised and work consistently. However, due to the depth of the programme, good organisation and self-studying are not always enough.

This is where online tuition comes in. Read on to learn more about the complexity of the IB programme and how online tuition can help you. 

Demands of the IB programme

There are 4 levels of the IB programme:

  • IB Primary Year Programme
  • IB Middle Years Programme
  • IB Career-Related Programmes
  • IB Diploma Programme

These programmes seek to encourage students to think critically, challenge assumptions, and consider local and global contexts.

Compared to the JC curriculum, where students focus on three or four subjects they will likely take in university, the IB programme is broader, with a wider range of subject areas. Moreover, like secondary school classes, JC classes tend to be content-heavy and promote rote learning, while IB emphasises critical thinking skills and problem-solving.

So how can you keep up with the demands of the IB programme? One way is to sign up for online tuition.


Studying IB is time-consuming as you have to focus on more subject areas than you would need to in JC. This makes the flexibility of online classes a significant benefit: you no longer need to waste time travelling to and from the tuition centre, allowing you to more seamlessly fit these extra classes into your busy schedule. 

Access to online resources

Online resources can make learning more interactive and enjoyable. For example, using an online whiteboard allows all students to collaborate without the limitations of physical space.

Furthermore, tutors can send over files, links, and videos that you can access any time of the day, even outside of class. 

Freedom to interact

Sometimes, physical classes can be intimidating. Being around a group of students, you may feel uncomfortable approaching your tutor for help.

Online tutoring sessions eliminate that problem as most live-streaming platforms have a chat function that allows you to ask questions discreetly and receive help whenever needed.

Regular contact

By building a relationship online, you have better access to your tutors. Platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom, or WhatsApp allow for more continuous dialogue; you don’t have to wait a week before consulting your tutor like in physical classes.

Encourages accountability and independent learning

The IB programme encourages independent learning that can be nurtured through online tuition.

Tutors cannot control your learning environment; it is up to you to plan your tuition schedule and remove all distractions during class. Therefore, it promotes self-discipline and accountability, which are helpful for school and daily life. 


With the depth and rigour of the IB programme, scoring well may seem like a challenging task. It is thus vital to get organised and study consistently. Signing up for online tuition classes will also be of great help as it enriches your learning experience.

If you’d like to enrol in online tuition classes, check out IB Super. We offer IB online tuition and H2 Math online tuition in Singapore. Contact us at ibsuper.com.sg to find out more.

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