Factors To Consider When Looking For A H2 Math Tutor

11 Jul 2023

Making the jump from secondary school to Junior College (JC) isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to the subject of mathematics. JC H2 Math requires a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts as most questions are non-routine, which means that there are various ways to solve one problem.

In preparation for the possible challenges they may face, many students enrol in H2 Math tuition for some extra guidance. However, with so many tutors in the market, how can you choose the one that best suits you?

Here are 7 factors to consider when looking for a H2 Math tutor.

Number of students

Juggling school commitments, CCA, and their social life, most JC students work around a tight schedule. As a result, time is a precious commodity that few would want to waste on something that is not beneficial.

This makes the number of students a tutor has a strong indicator of how effective a tutor is. That these students are willing to spend time and money on classes suggests that the tutor is of good help and that the lessons provide a quality learning experience.

At the same time, you may want to avoid tuition classes with a large number of students. In a big class, tutors may not be able to interact with each student closely, which limits their understanding of the student’s learning style, strengths, and weaknesses. It may also discourage some students from speaking up or asking questions.

Improvement of results

Ultimately, grades are the best indicator of how effective a tutor is.

There is no reason to stay with a tutor if the results are unsatisfactory. After all, the main goal is to score well and ace the A-level examinations at the end of the two years. Hence, you should engage with a tutor who teaches well and leaves you feeling enlightened after every lesson.

Most tutors have some form of record that illustrates the improvements in their students’ grades; you can search up these records to assess the tutor of your choosing.

Tutor-student relations

Good tutor-student relations are essential in the creation of a positive atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

When tutors are approachable, they provide a safe learning environment that encourages students to ask questions, which is crucial in helping students better understand complex concepts.

It also increases class participation as students become more motivated when their tutors show that they like and care about them as individuals.


When it comes to tutoring, being a specialist is better than being a generalist.

Specialists have a deeper understanding of the subject and syllabus and have more experience effectively explaining the concepts and techniques. This is especially true for H2 Math, which is not methodical and formulaic, and requires a specialist’s eye to see how best to approach a particular topic. 

Teaching methods

Everyone has a different learning style. For an effective learning experience, finding a tutor who best suits your needs is necessary.

Some tutors conduct small-group lectures with complementary notes, while others have a more tutorial-styled class focusing on tailored practices and quizzes. Some tutors even hold exam-oriented workshops and camps during the holidays that provide students with a crash course. Your choice depends entirely on what best engages you.


H2 Math is challenging and requires consistent practice to keep up. Therefore, you should find a tutor that provides a wide enough range of resources you can engage, such as practice questions, solutions, and video tutorials.

Testimonials and reviews

Searching for student and parent testimonials allows you to better understand the tutor’s teaching style and effectiveness, thus giving you a picture of whether or not the tutor is fit for you. 


JC H2 Math is challenging, but you can overcome obstacles and excel with the help of the right tutor. If you’re looking to enrol in tuition classes, check out IB Super. We offer H2 Math online tuition and IB online tuition taught by experienced and qualified tutors. Contact us at ibsuper.com.sg to find out more.

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