3 Unique IB Math IA Ideas to Stand Out From The Crowd

06 Nov 2023

The IB Mathematics IA, short for Internal Assessment, is an exploration of the concepts of IB mathematics conducted in a manner suited to a student’s interest. While liberating at first glance, it can be difficult to come up with an idea that stands out and proves viable at the same time. Given the many ideas already executed in the past, a unique and interesting idea is hard to come by. But fret not!

Here are some unique IB Mathematics IA Ideas you can try in order to stand out from the crowd and take your score to the next level. 

Modelling population growth using differential equations 

A highly practical use of the techniques learnt in IB Mathematics, differential equations provide a convenient and realistic way to model and predict population growth with concepts such as integration and equilibrium solutions. A masterful use of calculus that can and will impress when executed well.

Practical in allowing further understanding of population growth and its consequences, such as stability and economic changes, modelling population growth using differential equations also provides a great opportunity to showcase your versatility and familiarity with the various calculus concepts used in your Internal Assessment.

Finding the volume of an egg using integration 

An egg comes in a non-symmetrical shape that differs from species to species and variances in volume even among eggs from the same animal. Finding the volume of an egg through the application of integration is one of the best ways to put into practice your integral calculus skills when it comes to the IB Maths IA!

Taking on such a challenge wrought with uncertainty and variance is sure to impress due to the inability to apply commonly used formulas used to calculate regular, uniform and symmetrical shapes.

With the sheer difficulty of finding a formula to constantly use for an egg’s volume, a successful IA project will surely set yours apart from the crowd. 

Find the quickest way to tourist areas using graph theory

Finding the quickest way around urban and busy environments proves its value just by the virtue of being able to provide efficiency and convenience! By optimising travel time and distance to as small a value as possible through graph theory, you provide solutions as well as show off your skills honed in graph theory.

Although tourist areas are well-documented and promoted heavily in advertisements, the highly urbanised landscape of Singapore can be difficult to navigate in person. Finding the quickest way to tourist areas through graph theory is one of the most viable ways of reducing the confusion, wasted time and frustration that tourists experience making their way around Singapore.


By choosing ideas applicable and relatable to everyday use, your IB Math IA ideas are more likely to be seen as creative yet maintain viability. This is crucial in ensuring a successful project and your overall performance!

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