3 Essential Tips To Help You Ace The IB Math Paper 2 Exams

04 Oct 2023

IB Mathematics Paper 2 – one and a half hours of continuous rushing and punching numbers in the hopes of completing the paper on time. A source of great stress for many students in Singapore and worldwide, Paper 2 has always pushed the boundaries of effective examination strategies.

A large portion of the final grade, the IB Mathematics Paper 2 combines complex questions that blend multiple topics together often. Combined with the non-provision of reference material, students must not only memorise formulae but identify when and how to use those formulae correctly.

Below, we share three essential tips to help you ace the IB Mathematics Paper 2 exam.

Use N Solve on Ti-Nspire to find unknowns

Due to the many complex equations that need to be solved in IB Math Paper 2, N solve will be a more efficient way to find unknowns than manually solving them. This is due to a few factors that necessitate such a habit.

Firstly, for an hour-and-a-half paper, using N solve can reduce the chance of human error due to the precision a calculator has. This is a more surefire way to ensure that the answers you are about to submit have been verified to the best of your ability.

Limit the domain on your calculator to obtain the relevant section

Don’t just “eyeball” it! Taking the extra step to limit the domains will help guarantee that your answers are clear and accurate. This is crucial in helping you answer questions effectively by cutting the risk of human error, eliminating distractions and finding specific points and values easier.

By limiting the domain, you also “simplify” the graph by focusing on the relevant portion, enabling you to evaluate your answers clearly and concentrate on what needs to be deduced and recorded.

A big component of IB Mathematics exams is your ability to interpret and analyse functions and graphs accurately. Limiting domains helps you sift through the graphs and remove irrelevant information that can distract you from answering the questions effectively.

Obtain the first derivative graph without differentiating manually

This is often the speedier way to obtain your graph, freeing up time for you to analyse the results and plan your answers.

By differentiating manually, you open yourself up to the risk of taking too much time to do so, or committing a human error along the way. Skipping the manual differentiation is usually quicker and allows you to focus more carefully on finding your answers.

All this saved time can be spent on explaining the analysis, answering related questions, or even checking your answers.


Given the increasing difficulty of IB Mathematics and the recent change in syllabus, you may be led into believing that the odds are stacked against you, especially when facing challenges like moving on from a bad test score. However, preparing yourself for excellence when it comes to IB Mathematics has never been easier.

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